An image from the new interactive Find My Landlord site.

Mike Stephen talks to Lucien Liz-Lepiorz of the Chicago DSA about a new interactive map that shows which landlords own what properties in Chicago, discusses lessons learned from the March primaries with City Bureau reporter Alex Arriaga, and discovers the Secret History of The Resurrection Band.  And in the OTL Wrap Party segment, Mike and Producer Collin reflect on this week’s show and discuss the power of using data to change society. The local pandemic tunez come from The Strangelets. To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our Apple Podcasts Page or RSS feed.

Mike Stephen stops by Richmond’s Sports Bar in Humboldt Park to learn about that establishment’s history, checks in with 33rd ward aldermanic candidate Katie Sieracki, and learns the Secret History of local Bluesman Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.  This week’s local music is brought to you by Obeko. To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.