How can Chicago improve its handling of waste? (Photo credit: Mike Stephen/WGN Radio)

Mike Stephen discusses the new study about Chicago’s garbage with Chicago Sun-Times reporter Brett Chase, explores a critique of CPD union leadership with Chicago Justice Project executive director Tracy Siska, and digs into the OTL archives to rediscover the Museum of Classic Chicago Television with founder Rick Klein. And in the OTL Wrap Party, Mike and Producer Collin discuss calling alderpeople and extoll the virtues of pedicabs.

OTL: Episode #514- The Secret History of Charley Organaire, Mick Dumke on the Chicago violence epidemic

Mike Stephen talks with:   Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) about reggae and ska harmonica innovator Charley Organaire for this week’s edition of The Secret History of Chicago Music; and   Chicago Sun-Times staff reporter Mick Dumke about his special report on Chicago’s murder victims in first half of 2016 and addressing the crime problem at a community level.   Meanwhile, we discuss how Cook County is going after small venues for back amusement taxes.   This week’s local music is provided by Yell?jaket.   Chicago Sun-Times staff reporter Mick Dumke and OTL host Mike Stephen rep the city and solve the world’s problems during their post-show breakfast meeting.   To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #471- Spying on Chicago citizens, Lucas Museum on the Lakefront, Pinball Chicago plays on

Mike Stephen talks with:   Chicago Sun-Times staff reporter Mick Dumke about how the Chicago Police have been spying on protesters;   Friends of the Parks executive director Juanita Irizarry about the Lucas Museum causing headaches for those who advocate for a free and open lakefront; and   Pinball Chicago founder and commissioner Ben Vigeant at the Emporium barcade about Chicago’s competitive pinball scene.   Meanwhile, Chicago Baseball publisher and editor Matt Smerge can claim a victory for free speech as we update a story from OTL #463.   This week’s local music is provided by Cousin Dud.   OTL host Mike Stephen takes on Pinball Chicago founder and commissioner Ben Vigeant in a round of Twilight Zone pinball.   To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #173- Local Candy News, OTL News Desk, Riding the Entire L in One Day

(podcasting from the studios in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on the “I love me some Maurice Lenell cookies” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago) Mike Stephen talks to the Sun-Times business reporter who has the story on Maurice Lenell cookies making a comback, jumps behind the OTL News Desk, and chats with one of the transit geeks who rode the entire L system in one day. Outside the Loop is all about Twitter —  Mike embraces modern technology. Sandra Guy — Business reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times There’s some local sweet treat news: Maurice Lenell cookies are being distributed in Chicagoland again.  Ferrara Pan will be producing high-end chocolate.  Sandra gives us all of the sugar-y details. OTL News Desk —  From Chicago not getting the chance to host the next World Cup to the cast of the Jersey Shore coming to town, your intrepid anchor, Mike Stephen, has the stories. C.J. Bright — Local transit geek C.J. and his friends rode the ENTIRE CTA “L” system in one day!  He joins us this week to talk to us about their experience and why they decided to to this.  Check out this Google Map for the details on their adventure. OTL #173 local music provided by Save the Clocktower…