OTL: Episode #527- The Resurrection Project, Volunteering makes a difference, Learning how to recycle

Mike Stephen talks with:   The Resurrection Project VP of Community Ownership Jose Munoz about helping immigrants in uncertain political times;   Chicago Cares CEO Jenné Myers about how to cause change in the community through volunteering; and   Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (CSLN) lead organizer Seva Gandhi about efforts to improve recycling in Chicago.   Meanwhile, we reminisce about the time when Mike, as a young radio intern, drove to Indiana for a ridiculous hamburger.   This week’s local music is provided by wellthen.   OTL host Mike Stephen eats a big hunk of non-Hardee’s meat to celebrate his 15+ year WGN Radio career.   To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #475- Combating suburban homelessness, Chicago Book Expo preview, Recycling in Chicago the right way

Mike Stephen talks with:   Loaves & Fishes Community Services President & CEO Megan Selck about how her organization is combating suburban homelessness;   Chicago Book Expo co-organizer John Wilson about the literary event of the year that’s happening at Columbia College; and   DNAinfo Chicago reporter/producer Patty Wetli about figuring out the right way to recycle in Chicago.   Meanwhile, Mike reviews Chicago’s rules about how long you have to clear off your sidewalk after a snowfall.   This week’s local music is provided by Common Allies.   OTL host Mike Stephen celebrates the first snow of 2015 before being a good citizen and shoveling the sidewalk.   To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #426- Reuse everything at The WasteShed, Tripnary travel app, The best Chicago coffee map

TO HEAR THE SHOW, PRESS THE “PLAY” BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST… (broadcasting on the “coffee is for closers” radio station WGN-AM 720) Mike Stephen visits The WasteShed in Humboldt Park and learns about reusing every day items, gets the lowdown on a new personalized travel app designed in Chicago, and discusses the most comprehensive Chicago coffee map.   Eleanor Ray– Director of The WasteShed Tucked away in Humboldt Park, The WasteShed is a place where you can find every day items for reuse.  We go inside this unique shop. The WasteShed at 914 N. California in Chicago   Varun Goel and Abhishek Ghuwalewala– Creators of the Tripnary app This iPhone app, developed in Chicago, creates a personalized world-wide travel bucket list for you.  We get the lowdown.   The Tripnary app   Tanveer Ali–  Data reporter for DNA Info Chicago We learn about the most comprehensive online Chicago coffee map and why it was created.  This map is a useful resource for all Chicagoans…as is the most comprehensive Chicago late-night bar map!  The most comprehensive online Chicago coffee map   OTL #426 local music provided by Exit Ghost…

OTL: Episode #326- Do the Right Thing Recycling, Participatory budgeting, Tax help for the self-employed

TO HEAR THE SHOW, PRESS THE “PLAY” BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST… (podcasting from the studios in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on “do the right thing” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago) Mike Stephen learns about a local recycling advocacy organization, discusses participatory budgeting in Chicago, and previews a seminar aimed to help those who are self-employed with their taxes. Adam Goldstein– Founder of Do the Right Thing! Recycling We learn about this non-profit organization that educates Chicago’s residents about the positive environmental impact of recycling.       Maria Hadden – Project coordinator, Participatory Budgeting Chicago Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget.  We get the lowdown of how this is happening in some Chicago neighborhoods.     Mare Swallow– Founder of the Chicago Writers Conference The CWC is hosting an event called “Taxes for the Self-Employed: Writers, Artists and Creative Types” on January 21 at Brasserie 54 (5420 N. Clark).   OTL #326 local music provided by Inkeepers…