OTL: Episode #117

(podcasting from the brand new studio in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on the 100-watt don’t-expect-your-street-to-get-snow-plowed radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann discuss this week’s snowstorm, they catch up on some Chicago political stories, they send out an APB for holiday music, and then they get an update a past OTL story subject. Chicago’s first big snow of this winter; and Mayor Daley is cutting back on the snow plowing Mick Dumke – writer/editor, Chicago Reader; on non-Blagojevich local news, including… Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan is named Education Secretary under President Obama, the city is buying Michael Reese Hospital to turn into the Olympic Village, and the never-ending Wrigley Field deal OTL Holiday Show next week; SEND US LOCAL HOLIDAY MUSIC, WOULD YA ?! Nell Taylor – co-founder, Chicago Underground Library; a follow-up on a segment from OTL #24, and the library’s new digs (segue music this week from Dave Specter)

OTL: Episode #107

(podcasting “from” out in back of Holy Name Cathedral) (broadcasting on the 100-watt marathon-walking-tour-of-Chicago radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann discuss religion and politics, they chat with someone running the Chicago Marathon this weekend, and then they go out on location for a walking tour of the city. Robert Gillian – executive director, Catholic Conference of Illinois; on religion and politics, and a panel discussion next week at DePaul University (Holy Name Cathedral) Kathleen Weber – Evanston Township High School coach/teacher; on running the Chicago Marathon this weekend (Chicago Marathon 2007) Ryan Ver Berkmoes – author and travel expert; on his book Walking Chicago: 31 Tours of the Windy City’s Classic Bars, Scandalous Sites, Historic Architecture, Dynamic Neighborhoods, and Famous Lakeshore (Walking Chicago by Ryan Ver Berkmoes) (segue music this week from The Lawrence Arms)

OTL: Episode #103

THE FIRST IN THE OTL NEIGHBORHOOD SERIES… (podcasting from the heart of Logan Square) (broadcasting on the 100-watt boulevard system radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann present a Logan Square themed show — featuring a discussion about a film on gentrification, a man-on-the-street interview, and a talk with a political candidate from the area. OTL’s Special Logan Square-themed Program; broadcasting outside the SoundProofBooth by the Illinois Centennial Memorial Column (Illinois Centennial Memorial Column in Logan Square) Shelter: One Community’s Struggle; talking with Kevlyn Park student Yasendi Castaneda, and Logan Square Neighborhood Association organizer Rosita De La Rosa… about their film focusing on gentrification in the neighborhood OTL’s Man-on-the-Street segment; with new Logan Square resident Matt, and his thoughts on the area Jeremy Karpen; Green Party candidate for Illinois State Representative (39th District) (Illinois House District #39) (segue music this week from DJ KIDTRAE)

OTL: Episode #85

(podcasting “from” in a top-secret area just behind the City Council chambers in City Hall) (broadcasting on the 100-watt aldermanic prerogative radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann run through some news updates, they learn about an independent caucus in Chicago’s City Council, they attempt to stuff a “Best of Chicago” ballot box, and then they learn about the 60th anniversary of Israel. OTL Newsroom Updates; bidding farewell to Melissa from WLUW’s own Full on Friday, Mike’s towed-car saga continues and his letter is posted at TheExpiredMeter, another end of an era — the Spindle in Berwyn came down Adam Doster – In These Times senior editor, Progress Illinois reporter/blogger; on “Chicago’s Independent Caucus: A Year Later“ OTL: The Best of Chicago; vote early and vote often (by May 19!)… Outside the Loop RADIO for Chicago’s best podcast Debby Oshri-Pintel – executive director, Hadassah Chicago Chapter; on celebrating the 60th anniversary of Israel (segue music this week from Balkans)