OTL: Episode #96

(podcasting “from” right outside of Carol’s Pub, on Clark and Leland) (broadcasting on the 100-watt diverse radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann learn about the diversity of neighborhoods in Chicago, and then they talk with a prominent local poet. Lauren Fischer – research associate, Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University; on “A Keleidoscope of Culture: Measuring the Diversity of Chicago’s Neighborhoods” (PDF) Kevin Coval – poet; on poetry in Chicago, his new book Everyday People, and his release party next week (segue music this week from Bound Stems)

OTL: Episode #58

(podcasting “from” right outside of the Leo Burnett Building) (broadcasting on the 100-watt DIY radio facility WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann discuss Daylight Saving Time, they learn about a movement to recall Governor Blagojevich, they get the scoop on the ever-gentrifying Wicker Park, and then they talk about marketing and the DIY movement. Daylight Saving Time; confusion over which way we turn the clocks, and drinking Jack Smith – Loyola U. prof and former D.C. CBS News Bureau Chief; on the possibility of recalling Governor Blagojevich Tim Inklebarger – editor, Chicago Journal; following up on gentrification in the Wicker Park neighborhood Anne Elizabeth Moore – author, Unmarketable; on marketing and the co-opting of DIY punk culture (segue music this week from Twilight Revival)

OTL: Episode #53

(podcasting “from” right out in front of the Newberry Library) (broadcasting on the 100-watt card catalog WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen tells Andy Hermann his FCC fantasy, they learn about Banned Books Week, they get the scoop on the film industry in Chicago, and then they revisit the Best of Chicago — for 2007. Mike’s FCC fantasy; a hypothetical scenario involving FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Judith Krug – director of the American Library Association‘s Office for Intellectual Freedom; on the 26th anniversary of Banned Books Week (Sep 29 – Oct 6) Adam Fendelman (publisher) and Dustin Levell (senior staff writer) – HollywoodChicago.com; on covering the film industry in the city and beyond Brian Hieggelke – editor and publisher, Newcity Chicago; on the “Best of Chicago 2007” (segue music this week from The Polkaholics)