Mike Stephen broadcasts from WLUW-FM, a community radio station at the time, circa 1999.

Mike Stephen learns about the great work of Friedman Place with executive director Alexander Brown, talks to Billy Dave Sherman of the local band The Steak House Mints about the impact of the pandemic on music, and gets the story of WLCB-FM serving northern IL and southern WI with general manager Sean Hauser.  And in the OTL Wrap Party segment, Mike and Producer Collin reflect on the range of emotions going on during this show and plan a steakhouse visit. The local pandemic tunez come from The Steak House Mints, of course! The above picture features Mike Stephen broadcasting from WLUW-FM, a local community station at the time, circa 1999. To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our Apple Podcasts Page or RSS feed.