Mike Stephen talks with Chicago Alderman Scott Waguespack about his views on the city’s leadership, learns about the Illinois Railway Museum, and visits the lair of Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave) to discover the Secret History of 60s garage-rockers The Riptides. Local music this week courtesy of Sun Cop. To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #489- Ald. Waguespack on good government, Drones and civil liberties, The Doorman app

Mike Stephen talks with:   Chicago’s 32nd Ward alderman Scott Waguespack about the quest for better government within the Chicago City Council;   Scrappers Film Group cinematographer Ben Kolak and Robo Aerial founder Christopher Morrison about Where Can I Fly My Drone?, the second episode of the “Rights Lab” web series that’s screening at Experimental Station; and   Doorman CEO/co-founder Zander Adell about eliminating package theft via a new app.   Meanwhile, we discuss Mike’s experience with the City of Chicago’s Graffiti Blasters program after his garage was tagged.   This week’s local music is provided by Forgotten Tropics.   OTL host Mike Stephen thanks the Graffiti Blasters for a job well done.   To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #218- Driver Survival Seminar, Klingon Christmas Carol is Here, Beer Competition with BeerDownload.com

TO HEAR THE SHOW, PRESS THE “PLAY” BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST… (podcasting from the studios in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on the “thankful for your attention” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago) Mike Stephen talks to The Parking Ticket Geek about the first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar,  gets a new take on an old Holiday classic play, and samples beers in the South Loop with the guys from BeerDownload.com. Vote For Outside the Loop!—  NewCity magazine is running their Best of Chicago 2010 poll right now.  You’d be oh-so-awesome if you wrote in Outside the Loop for “Best Local Podcast!”  REMEMBER: you must vote for at least TEN categories for your ballot to count!  Thanks for your support!  Rock the vote! The Parking Ticket Geek— Blogger at The Expired Meter The Geek and Ald. Scott Waguespack have teamed up to bring you the first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar on Tuesday, November 30th.  You’ll get educated on local driving in one night!  We learn more this week. Christopher Kidder — Artistic Director of the Commedia Beauregard Theatre Company This Minnesota-based theater company brings A Klingon Christmas Carol to Chicago.  Yeah, you read that right!  We hear a portion of an interview with Chris from OTL #183 back in March when he was planning on bringing the show to the Windy City.  You can catch the production at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Lincoln Park. A Scene from A Klingon Christmas Carol Matt Arata and Steve Mastny— […]

OTL: Episode #213- Ald. Scott Waguespack on Local Finances & Politics, The Parking Ticket Geek Update

TO HEAR THE SHOW, PRESS THE “PLAY” BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST… (podcasting from the studios in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on the “geeked-out” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago) Mike Stephen sits down with Ald. Scott Waguespack to discuss why he’s not running for mayor, the city’s financial problems, and his views on Chicago politics.  Then the Parking Ticket Geek gives an update on local transportation issues. Scott Waguespack— Alderman of the 32nd Ward Over a cup of coffee Ald. Waguespack discusses why he didn’t run for mayor, the city’s shaky finances, and politics in Chicago. Drop Us a Line!—  You can always comment on every show post, just by clicking on the “Leave a comment” link up above.  Also, you can e-mail Mike at mike@outsidetheloopradio.com, friend the show on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. The Parking Ticket Geek— OTL’s Official Parking Correspondent and Blogger at The Expired Meter The Geek discusses revenue from the red light cameras, the recent theft of parking meter pay boxes, and the possibility of a national cell phone ban while driving. OTL #213 local music provided by The Midnight Shows…