OTL: Vocalo report

We had a great time hanging out at Vocalo.org (WBEW 89.5-FM) with host Dan Weissmann this past Tuesday. We played some of our own segments, and picked some favorites submitted to their site. Mike even got to show off his amazing interviewing skills when Kwame Steve Cobb stopped by to talk about his music and Kwanzaa. We managed to get some photos, and we were happy to learn the official OTL camera has video capabilities too — a whole 13 seconds at a time! We’d like to thank Dan and the entire Vocalo.org crew — it was great to meet a few of you on Tuesday. And just in case you missed the live segment or the subsequent rebroadcasts… by kind permission, we’re able to bring you our entire 3-5p segment below!!

OTL: Episode #59

(podcasting “from” right out in front of a Comcast building on North Avenue) (broadcasting on the 100-watt cable TV box WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann talk about their appearance on Vocalo.org, they discuss Net Neutrality, they learn about burritos in the city, and then they hear about the Illinois Students Against Required Silence. OTL updates; email from Inside Publications publisher Ron Roenigk on the Commercial Handbill Distribution Law, Outside the Loop RADIO‘s triumphant appearance on Vocalo.org, and Mrs. Stephen checks in… Amina Fazlullah – staff attorney, Illinois PIRG; on Comcast and Net Neutrality Nate Silver – creator, The Burrito Bracket; on the best Mexican food in Wicker Park Josh [last name withheld] – official media representative, Illinois Students Against Required Silence (at Facebook); on the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act in Illinois (segue music this week from Istvan & His Imaginary Band)

OTL: on Vocalo

Vocalo.org host Dan Weissmann recently contacted us after he listened to a couple of our shows, and after chatting for a bit we talked him into letting us hang out with him on the WBEW 89.5-FM frequency and on their web stream! We set up a playlist (featuring acclaimed Outside the Loop RADIO segments available at Vocalo.org as well as some great stuff submitted for their station), we drew up and signed the contracts, and now we’re drinking tea and are not verbally communicating until we settle in from 3-5p CT on Tuesday 11/6. We even put together a clip that we’re debuting on their airwaves! We’re really excited to contribute to this cool radio experiment from Chicago Public Radio. It’s going to be a blast — so please tune in!!