OTL: Episode #141- Pushcart Vendors in the City, Real Housewives of Chicago Chat, and Bookish.us

(podcasting from the studios in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on the “street corner taco stand” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago) Mike Stephen talks about a lovely local latrine, discusses the plight of the pushcart vendor in the city, chats about the possibility of The Real Housewives of Chicago, and learns about a local literary aggregator. OTL’s Bathroom Break – Check out bestrestroom.com to vote for Chicago’s very own Drake Hotel Palm Court Ladies Room as the best restroom in America. Claire Bushey – Freelance journalist and author of last week’s Chicago Reader cover story called “Legalize It” Claire discusses the hardships faced by pushcart vendors in the Little Village neighborhood. Jenny, The Future Mrs. Stephen – Mike Stephen’s fiancee and expert on The Real Housewives TV show Jenny got Mike hooked on TRH and lucky for him now there’s talk of The Real Housewives of Chicago coming soon.  Jenny and Mike analyze how this might happen in the Windy City. Connor Coyne – Contributor to bookish.us If you’re into the local literary scene, this is the blog to check out.  Everything from ‘zines to books to what is the appropriate number of spaces between sentences is fair game on the site.  Connor joins us to give us the lowdown. OTL #141 local music provided by Coltrane Motion…

OTL: Episode #116

WE’RE PLAYING DJ SOON — SEND US YOUR LOCAL HOLIDAY MUSIC !! (podcasting “from” out in back of the Museum of Science and Industry) (broadcasting on the 100-watt inter-stellar radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann geek out, they learn about a controversial parking meter deal in Chicago, Mike gets back at Andy for making fun of him last week, and then they talk with a local writer about Battlestar Galactica. OTL Geeks Out; Mike loves all-things sci-fi The Parking Ticket Geek – founder, TheExpiredMeter.com; on selling the city’s parking meters, and the latest boot issues Mike Strikes Back; regarding Andy’s sketchy math from OTL #115 Joe Steiff – Associate Chair, Film and Video Department @ Columbia College; co-editor, Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Mission Accomplished or Mission Frakked Up? (segue music this week from Veterans)

OTL: Episode #93

HAPPY 4th OF JULY !! (podcasting “from” on top of the parking garage near the Guitar Center in Lincoln Park) (broadcasting on the 100-watt interview show radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann call out for show contributors, they learn about a new community arts space in Evanston, they discuss a couple new video links on the OTL website, and then they talk with the host of The Interview Show. CASTING: OTL Show Contributors; Outside the Loop RADIO is seeking people with an interest in radio and/or journalism to cover issues important around their own Chicago communities. Contact us with your ideas and for more info! Jake Samuels – general manager, Evanston SPACE; on a new artists’ venue just north of the Chicago border OTL finds cool local video links; wasting time controlling the Block 37 cam, Mike just missed the Cubs/White Sox brawl at US Cellular Field Mark Bazer – RedEye columnist and host of The Interview Show; on bringing old-school unscripted talk shows to local taverns (segue music this week from The Eternals)

OTL: Episode #84

(podcasting “from” in the Chess Pavilion near North Avenue Beach) (broadcasting on the 100-watt checkmate radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen updates Andy Hermann about his letter to Ald. Vi Daley, they discuss the latest in local politics, they learn about a chess team in Chicago, and then they get the scoop on a comedy troupe’s anniversary and television pilot. Mike still seeks justice; The Parking Ticket Geek (TheExpiredMeter) offers advice for Mike’s towed-car woes, still no word back yet from 43rd Ward Ald. Vi Daley’s office Mick Dumke – political writer, Chicago Reader; on his recent “Clout City” blog posts about city settlements and blue cart recycling Sevan Muradian – co-manager, Chicago Blaze; on joining the US Chess League, and the Illinois Chess Association Justin Kaufmann – member, Schadenfreude; on the comedy ensemble’s 10th anniversary and their IL-Informed pilot on WTTW (segue music this week from Even in Blackouts)