OTL: Episode #113

(podcasting “from” out in back of the Congress Theatre) (broadcasting on the 100-watt elevating-to-new-heights radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen asks Andy Hermann about another radio show, they learn about the Bloomingdale Trail, they talk with a local resident driving Barack Obama’s old car, and then they hear about the vibe at the Proposition 8 protest in Chicago. there’s OTL… and then there’s other radio shows; Andy “cheats” on Mike and the show, but manages to get a plug on Luke Burbank’s Seattle radio program Ben Helphand – president, Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail; on building a public park on an abandoned elevated railway Natasha Brown – owner, Obama Mobile; on how she ended up with Present-elect Obama’s old car Ben Gonzales – photographer, gopho.com; on the vibes and scenes at the Proposition 8 protest in Chicago (segue music this week from Tangleweed)

OTL: Episode #97

(podcasting “from” in the alley behind Harry Caray’s in Wrigleyville) (broadcasting on the 100-watt friendly confines radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann discuss an old cheesy bar in Wrigleyville, they take a look at sex trafficking in the city, they run through some gay bars around town, and then they talk about a book highlighting Cubs fans. OTL Bar Report (part 1); Mike’s experiences at the now-closed Hi-Tops in Wrigleyville Rachel Durchslag – director, The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE); on sex trafficking in Chicago OTL Bar Report (part 2); Chicago makes Logo’s list of The 50 Best Gay Bars in America? Will Byington – photographer; on his book We Are Cubs Fans (segue music this week from Rock Star Club)

OTL: Episode #87

(podcasting “from” inside of host Mike Stephen’s apartment) (broadcasting on the 100-watt special underground wonder bar radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen updates Andy Hermann about his parking woes, they discuss modern-day feminism, and then they learn about a valuable club in the Chicago music scene. OTL News Updates; Andy is mesmerized by the rat behind Mike’s apartment Mike is still seeking for justice for his towed car and $160 fine Kristin Maun – blog editor, Windy Citizen; on the women behind Chicago feminism and her blog “The Skirt“ Lonie Walker – owner, Underground Wonder Bar; on the legacy and the future of her venerable music club [see the video version at ChicagoJazz.com] (segue music this week from Farewell Captain)

OTL: Episode #73

(podcasting “from” Mike’s girlfriend’s bedroom) (broadcasting on the 100-watt museum of radio love WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann present a Valentine’s themed show with a chat on human sexuality (oh my!), with a phone call to sex columnist Dan Savage (a hot man!), and then with a look into Chicago history through postcards (so sexy!). Valentine’s Day housekeeping; Mike publicly “denies” his love for NKOTB, Andy gives Mike a thoughtful holiday gift Searah Deysach – owner, Early to Bed; on human sexuality, and why we could all use some help calling the Savage Love Podcast (again); tracking down Dan Savage for our as-yet-unnamed OTL podcast feature Neil Jan Gale – director, The Chicago Postcard Museum; on tracing our history through postcards and notes (segue music this week from Pegboy)