OTL: Episode #22

(podcasting “from” Daley Plaza in Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann humbly offer a special Chicago election podcast. Alan Gitelson – Loyola University political science professor; about Chicago politics and the future of the city political theme songs; as covered by Mike & Andy Mick Dumke – political writer for the Chicago Reader; on politics as reported in the “Aldermania” column and the “Clout City” blog

OTL: Episode #20

EVEN CHICAGO’S HARDEST WORKING PODCAST CAN BE A DAY LATE !! (podcasting “from” O’Hare International Airport) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann discuss the arts in Chicago, Andy debuts “Mike Can’t Be Alone” #2, and then it’s Mike’s Super Bowl XLI adventures in our nation’s capital. Allison Stites – Executive Director, Around the Coyote; about the 2007 Winter Arts Festival and more “Mike Can’t Be Alone“; Andy once again takes a look into the innerworkings of Mike’s scary mind A Chicagoan in Washington D.C.; Mike is lost and out of town during Super Bowl XLI

OTL: Episode #19

GO BEARS !! (podcasting “from” the kitchen in Mike Ditka’s Restaurant) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann catch Bears fever, Mike amuses Andy with an extended rant about local sports bars, and then they discover a cool guidebook for Chicagoans. Roy Taylor – owner, Chicago Bears History website; on a proposed alcohol ban on NYC commuter trains Mike’s Soapbox; his love for the Bears turns into a rant on sports bars Kathie Bergquist – city editor, Not for Tourists Chicago; on a cool city guidebook and website

OTL: Episode #18

(podcasting “from” Mike Stephen’s bedroom, and somewhere in New York City) Podcasting from Chicago and New York… Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann learn about a proposal to ban alcohol from NYC commuter trains, and then they talk with a former local writer making his way in Metropolis. Richard Shea – founder, Commuters Allied for Responsible Enjoyment (CARE); on a proposed alcohol ban on NYC commuter trains Andy in NYC; our ISDN connection goes down, so it’s a “Man on the Street” segment Michael Beaumier – author, I Know You’re Out There; on running the Chicago Reader‘s “Matches” section