OTL: Episode #8

(podcasting “from” the Soldier Field maintenance closet) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann chat with Chicago radio personality Cara Carriveau, they check back in with George’s Tavern in Berwyn, and then Andy takes a look into Mike’s strange personal life. Cara Carriveau – radio host extraordinaire; on why she got canned from WLUP, and exclusive news on where you can hear her next! (Outside the Loop RADIO has the scoop before anyone else !!!) …AND ALSO… George’s Tavern update; Berwyn IL 6am tavern ordinance still up in the air (which digresses into a show prep meeting) “Mike Can’t Be Alone“; Andy introduces a new segment investigating Mike’s scary head

OTL: Episode #5

(podcasting “from” Thatcher Woods) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann introduce a “Someone You Should Know” segment, check in with a bar in Berwyn IL, visit a traveling harmonica exhibit, and start a Pants-Off Dance-Off campaign after slipping in another “OTL Ear Candy” bit. Mike Jeffers – ChicagoJazz.com founder; new “Someone You Should Know” segment George’s Tavern; on a potential tavern ordinance in Berwyn IL Hobo – curator, Deutsches Harmonika Museum; the history of the harmonica at the DANK-HAUS German Cultural Center “Outside the Loop Ear Candy“; another edition of Andy taking Mike out of context Pants-Off Dance-Off campaign; trading Mike Stephen for Jodie Sweetin

OTL: Episode #4

(podcasting “from” the top of the John Hancock building) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann look into the $1.65B Google/YouTube buyout, we continue of our conversation with Rick Kogan at the Billy Goat Tavern, and then we slip in a new segment called “OTL Ear Candy”. Steve Johnson – Chicago Tribune internet critic; on the Google/YouTube buyout Rick Kogan – journalist, writer, radio host, Chicagoan; part two of our conversation at the Billy Goat Tavern “Outside the Loop Ear Candy“; while Mike isn’t listening, Andy creates a new bit

OTL: Episode #3

(podcasting “from” the Billy Goat Tavern) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann talk with legendary Chicago newspaper man Rick Kogan at the Billy Goat Tavern. Rick Kogan – journalist, writer, radio host, Chicagoan We sat down at the Billy Goat Tavern to chat about Rick’s book A Chicago Tavern: A Goat, a Curse, and the American Dream — but most importantly… we drank with with a legend.