OTL: Episode #456- Utilizing IL urban wood, Illuminating TIFs in Chicago, The Secret History of Chicagoland’s 60s garage rockers The Riddles

Mike Stephen talks with:   Illinois Wood Utilization Team chairperson Edith Makra and IIT College of Architecture studio associate professor Paul Pettigrew about giving dead urban trees new life;   TIF Illumination Project lead organizer Tom Tresser (support their Indiegogo campaign!); and   Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) about late-’60s suburban rockers The Riddles for this week’s edition of The Secret History of Chicago Music.   This week’s local music is provided by Farkus.   OTL host Mike Stephen visits Illinois Wood Utilization Team chairperson Edith Makra and IIT College of Architecture studio associate professor Paul Pettigrew at the IIT Architecture Model Shop.   To subscribe to the OTL podcast, please visit our iTunes page or RSS feed.

OTL: Episode #346- TIF Illumination, Representation Without Taxation

TO HEAR THE SHOW, PRESS THE “PLAY” BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST… (podcasting from the studios in the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago) (broadcasting on the “illumination” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago) Mike Stephen learns about the TIF Illumination Project, Looks back on the future of music predictions, and discusses how some big businesses avoid paying taxes.   Tom Tresser– Educator, organizer, and co-founder of CivicLab TIF reform is an important topic and Tom is in the thick of it.  Check out tifreports.com and a series of public events to learn more about how TIFs work.  You can also sign a petition to put TIFs on property tax bills.     Looking back at the future of music– Mike discovered an interview he recorded in the old WLUW studio with writer Lou Carlozo from 2001.  In this this clip they discuss when the future of music could be.  We see if what they talked about came true. The old WLUW studio circa 2000.   Celeste Meiffren– Filed Director for the IL Public Interest Research Group IL PIRG’s report, Representation Without Taxation, shows how some Fortune 500 companies exploit loopholes and distort the tax code to avoid billions of dollars in taxes.  Celeste discusses the report.   OTL #346 local music provided by Sonia Khaleel…