OTL: Episode #62

(podcasting “from” in an alley in Andersonville) broadcasting on the 100-watt file-sharing program WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann kick around corporate sponsor ideas for Chicago, they talk about file sharing on college campuses, they hear about a statewide parking sting, and then they learn about retrofitting the city’s alleys. “Chicago Might Sell Naming Rights“; reading and soliciting feedback from our listeners Emily Glazer – Assistant Campus Editor and Administration Beat Reporter, The Daily Northwestern; on the “College Opportunity and Affordability Act“, and penalizing entire campuses for illegal file sharing Bill Bogdan – Disability Liaison, Illinois Secretary of State’s Office; on a statewide parking sting over the holidays and year-round Brian Steele – spokesperson, Chicago Department of Transportation; on the city’s ambitious Green Alley Initiative (segue music this week from Moist Guitars)

OTL: Episode #61

GOBBLE GOBBLE !! (podcasting “from” in the middle of Welles Park in Lincoln Square) (broadcasting on the 100-watt pile of mashed potatoes WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann talk turkey (and booze), they learn about how the Writers Guild strike might affect Chicago, they compete in a thankfulness battle, and then they celebrate the 50th anniversary of a local music institution. OTL Thanksgiving re-caps; drinking and eating and sleeping, and eating and sleeping Rich Moskal – director, Chicago Film Office; on how the Writers Guild strike could affect the local television/film industry Mike & Andy Give Thanks; we test our knowledge of each other’s thankfulness Bau Graves – executive director, Old Town School of Folk Music; on the community arts school celebrating 50 years in Chicago (segue music this week from Bakelite 78)

OTL: Episode #60

(podcasting “from” in front of Eckhart Park, across the street from Ruben’s Unisex) (broadcasting on the 100-watt ingrown hair WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann talk barbershops, they learn about the ongoing saga of the FCC and big media, they get the scoop a unique charity, and then they discuss toxins in Illinois residents’ bodies. Mike and Andy love barbershops; props to The Mercury (RIP) and Ruben’s Unisex Craig Aaron – communications director, FreePress; on the ongoing saga of the FCC and Big Media “Stache Gordon” – grower, Mustaches for Kids; on a unique charity drive for Chicago’s Off the Street Club Max Muller – environmental advocate, Environment Illinois; on the Is It In Us? study on toxins in our bodies (segue music this week from Soft Targets)

OTL: Vocalo report

We had a great time hanging out at Vocalo.org (WBEW 89.5-FM) with host Dan Weissmann this past Tuesday. We played some of our own segments, and picked some favorites submitted to their site. Mike even got to show off his amazing interviewing skills when Kwame Steve Cobb stopped by to talk about his music and Kwanzaa. We managed to get some photos, and we were happy to learn the official OTL camera has video capabilities too — a whole 13 seconds at a time! We’d like to thank Dan and the entire Vocalo.org crew — it was great to meet a few of you on Tuesday. And just in case you missed the live segment or the subsequent rebroadcasts… by kind permission, we’re able to bring you our entire 3-5p segment below!!