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Mike Stephen talks to The Parking Ticket Geek about the first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar,  gets a new take on an old Holiday classic play, and samples beers in the South Loop with the guys from

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The Parking Ticket Geek— Blogger at The Expired Meter

The Geek and Ald. Scott Waguespack have teamed up to bring you the first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar on Tuesday, November 30th.  You’ll get educated on local driving in one night!  We learn more this week.

Christopher Kidder — Artistic Director of the Commedia Beauregard Theatre Company

This Minnesota-based theater company brings A Klingon Christmas Carol to Chicago.  Yeah, you read that right!  We hear a portion of an interview with Chris from OTL #183 back in March when he was planning on bringing the show to the Windy City.  You can catch the production at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Lincoln Park.

A Scene from A Klingon Christmas Carol

Matt Arata and Steve Mastny— Co-Hosts of the Beer Download Podcast

The South Loop is home to the world’s only podcast that pits beers against one another in a tournament-style competition.  Mike sits down with the hosts of the show.  He is also a guest on Beer Download #43!

OTL Host Mike Stephen at a recent Beer Download recording. Is that Four Loko on the table?

OTL #218 local music provided by South of Roosevelt