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Mike Stephen discusses the future of Chicago’s water supply, chats about historic Chicago bars, and finds out who Vincent the “Fashion Man” is.

Jessica Pupovac — Freelance journalist and regular contributor to mindfulmetropolis.com

What’s the future of Chicago’s water supply?  Jessica examines this question and talks about how we have a bad habit of wasting our water.  Check out her article on this topic here.

Sean Parnell— Author of Historic Bars of Chicago and founder of the Chicago Bar Project

Sean has worked hard to complete this handy guide to some of the most historic bars and taverns in the city.  He sits down over a cold beer to discuss his new book.

Jennifer Burns — Director and producer of the documentary Vincent: A Life in Color

If you’ve ever seen the guy in the picture below wearing crazy-colored suits and spinning around on downtown bridges and streets, well you’re not alone.  His name is Vincent Falk and we’ve got his story on this week’s show.

Vincent Falk

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