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Mike Stephen discusses the city’s vice-mayor budget, chats about manners in the 21st Century with the Etiquette Bitch, and learns about an indie film that was recently shot and produced in Chicago.

Hugh Devlin — Contributing Writer for Lake Effect News

Have you ever heard of the Office of the Vice-Mayor in Chicago?  Did you know that it receives $100,000 to operate every year?  Just how is that money spent?  Hugh joins us to discuss his findings.  You can read his story here.

The Etiquette Bitch— Chicago’s Very Own Ms. Manners

She’s trying to bring civility to the 21st Century and she has a blog and podcast.  The EB joins us this week.

Jay Sukow and John Berka — Authors and Producers of American Legacy

Michael Strening, Jr. – Pianist in The SDS Trio, the band that scored the film

These three creative guys have a great story about how they brought to life an independently produced film shot here in Chicago.

The Cast of American Legacy

OTL #184 local music provided by The SDS Trio