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Mike Stephen plugs the new OTL Facebook Fan Page, learns about music thanatology, and profiles two Chicago artists doing some great work with local youth.

Margaret Pasquesi and Tony Pederson — Certified Music Thanatologists

Recently I traveled to Skokie to chat with Margaret and Tony about music thanatology.  We discuss this approach to end-of-life care and hear what a thanatologic music vigil sounds like.

A Harp Used in a Music Vigil

Mike Bancroft and Evan Plummer— Local Artists and the Guys behind Co-Op Image and Garage Spaces

Earlier this week I recorded an interview with these guys in Mike’s garage, which is actually a gallery space.  They discuss their efforts to bring art to local area youth and their Garage Spaces project.

A Billboard on Division St. Plugging Mike and Evan’s Work

Check out the New OTL Facebook Fan Page! — We’re so 21st Century

Yup, we’re staying on top of the technology wave and the OTL Facebook page is up and running.  Become an official “fan” of the show and stay in touch with the OTL community!

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