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(broadcasting on the “it’s ok to think about gardening with a foot of snow on the ground” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago)

Mike Stephen plugs the new location of the Chicago Underground Library, discusses a new study that shows more Cook County residents are in need of food assistance, learns about voting for the 2010 Chicago Seed, and tours The Near North Farmessori in the East Village.

The Chicago Underground Library Has Moved Yet Again

This unique repository for Chicago history now resides in Lakeview.  Click here for the profile of the CUL from 2008.

Bob Dolgan— Director of Communications for the Greater Chicago Food Depository

A new study shows that hunger is on the rise in Cook County.  We explore why this is and what’s being done to help these people.

Ben Helphand — Executive Director of Neighbor Space

Ben joins us to talk about a program of Neighbor Space called One Seed Chicago as well as community gardening in our city.  You can log on to OSC’s site to vote for the 2010 Chicago Seed!

Anna Viertel — Urban Farm Coordinator for the Near North Montessori School

On a rare undeveloped piece of land in the East Village area (1102 N. Wood St.) Anna leads kids from the nearby Montessori School in creating a local farm.  I visited the farm this week amidst an insane snowfall to get a tour of the farm called The Near North Farmessori.  If you’re interested in the project you can contact Anna at aviertel@nnms.org.

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