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(broadcasting on the “gee, the 90s were a rocking time in Chicago ” radio station WLUW-FM (88.7) Chicago)

Mike Stephen talks to a former radio personality about the importance of the 90s local music scene, checks up on prominent Chicagoans’ ridiculous Tweets, and learns about Another Chicago Magazine.

James Van Osdol– Former radio personality, local writer, author of Chicago Rocked

The 1990s were an incredible time for the Chicago music scene.  James is working on telling the story of the local contribution to Rock & Roll over these 10 years in a book called Chicago Rocked.   He’s releasing the book himself and is looking for the people’s support!

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Kroll (jeffkrollphotos.com)

Steve Rhodes Founder of BeachwoodReporter.com

Some Chicagoans shouldn’t be allowed to Tweet.  Steve and I discuss why.  You can also check out the “20 Tweets” series on the Beachwood Reporter.

Jacob Knabb – Editor of Another Chicago Magazine

ACM is one of the many very cool facets of the Chicago literary scene.  Jacob explains what the magazine is all about and its role in the local writers’ community.

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