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Mike Stephen discusses the city’s interference of small business startups and entrepreneurs, chats with a local writer about whether or not it’s ok to enjoy Dave Matthews, and learns what an Illinois atheist activist is blogging about these days.

Beth Milnikel – Director of the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School

Beth recently wrote an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune arguing that the city stands in the way of small business startups more often than not.  We discuss her views on this issue.

Steve Heisler Assistant City Editor for Decider Chicago and Contributor to The AV Club

Recently Steve wrote this blog post that raises the question, “Should we still hate Dave Matthews?”

Rob Sherman – Blogger at Godless In Chicago at ChicagoNow.com

For an atheist’s POV of local politics and other issues, Rob Sherman’s blog is a popular read.  He chats with us this week about atheism and the local separation of church and state.

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