(podcasting from the OTL Bunker, somewhere in Chicago)

(broadcasting on your favorite 100-watt community radio station in the third-most miserable city, according to Forbes magazine, WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago)

Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann agree that the people at Forbes are drunk, they check in with the official OTL parking correspondent, they discuss corporate jargon, and then they learn about some subpoenas in the Wilson Yard lawsuit.

Chicago makes Forbes magazine’s “America’s Most Miserable Cities” list;
but we’re pretty happy here, and are totally not buying this

Chicago according to Forbes

The Parking Ticket Geek – local celebrity, and TheExpiredMeter.com founder;
on Phil Ponce, ticket amnesty, the boot, and Mike’s parking woes

Happy Valentine’s Day, and corporate jargon sucks;
the Tribune Company uses fancy words for cutting jobs and freezing pay

Sam Zell

Matt Zimmerman – senior staff attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation;
on anonymous blogs named in subpoenas filed regarding the Wilson Yard case

Electronic Frontier Foundation

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