(podcasting “from” out in back of the Haunted Sanitarium at Fullerton and the lake)

(broadcasting on the 100-watt scary radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago)

Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann present a Halloween show — where they again discuss religion and politics, they respond to a listener’s comment about OTL #109, and then they check in with their Chicago Justice correspondent.

Azam Nizamuddin – attorney, and instructor of Introduction to Islam at Loyola University
on the Muslim community and politics in this election season

Loyola University - Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

OTL gets comments;
clarifying our mission statement, in response to a criticism of OTL #109

OTL mailbox

Tracy Siska – president, Chicago Justice Project;
on ongoing police torture in Chicago in the wake of the John Burge indictment

Chicago Justice Project

(segue music this week from The Goblins)