OTL: Episode #105 (2nd Anniversary Party)

(podcasting live-to-tape from Toons Bar and Grill) (broadcasting on the 100-watt outside-the-loop but number-one-in-your-heart radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann celebrate OTL’s 2nd Anniversary at Toons Bar and Grill — with Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley, The Expired Meter, Chicago Bites, Will Byington, Chicago Bar Project, and live music and giveaways. OTL’s Big Two Year Anniversary Party !! [Mike, Dave, Andy (photo courtesy Tammy Green)] with special guests… Mike Quigley – Cook County Commissioner, 10th District [Mike w/ Mike Quigley (photo courtesy Will Byington)] The Parking Ticket Geek – The Expired Meter [Mike w/ The Parking Ticket Geek] Tammy Green & Bridget Houlihan – Chicago Bites podcasters [Mike w/ Tammy Green & Bridget Houlihan] Sean Parnell – Chicago Bar Project founder [Mike w/ Sean Parnell (photo courtesy Chicago Bar Project)] and a surprise visit from Will Byington official Toons and We Are Cubs Fans photographer [Mike w/ PJ & John (photo courtesy Will Byington)] OTL #105 Anniversary Party credits: host – Mike Stephen producer – Andy Hermann engineer – Dave “DJ Goldie G” Goldman band – PJ Anderson & John Pacini (of Detagoh) t-shirts – Propaganda [Mike & Andy] (photo courtesy Tammy Green)

OTL: Episode #105 (Anniversary Party!) Promo

Outside the Loop RADIO: Chicago’s Almost Above-Ground Audio Magazine … … celebrates two years of community radio !! Come out to Toons Bar & Grill on Tue 9/23 @ 7:30p while we tape a special hour-long edition of OTL… to air at 5:30p on Fri 9/26 on WLUW (88.7-FM). We’ll have WLUW and Toons swag to hand out, as well as brand new Outside the Loop RADIO t-shirts (courtesy of the fine folks at Propaganda) for giveaways… and there’s beer specials too! (click to enlarge)

OTL: Episode #104

(podcasting “from” out in back of Nick’s Uptown) (broadcasting on the 100-watt getting-ready-to-party-next-week radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann announce OTL’s 2nd Anniversary Party, they discuss a valuable piece of land in Uptown, they offer a web-exclusive piece of audio, and then they get an update on a controversial Chicago city ordinance. OTL’s Big Two Year Anniversary Party; we’re taping a special one-hour edition of OTL at Toons Bar & Grill on Tue 9/23 night at 7:30p, to air on WLUW next Fri 9/26 at 5:30p (note the earlier air time) (Click here for all the details!) Molly Phelan – Fix Wilson Yard; on developing a prime six acres of land in Uptown Wilson Yard OTL News & Updates; the full Johnnie Lee Savory interview is now available, the big Two Year Anniversary Party on Tue 9/23 Johnnie Lee Savory Paul Natkin – board member, Chicago Music Commission; with an update on the proposed Chicago Promoters Ordinance Chicago Music Commission (segue music this week from Robbie Fulks)

OTL: Johnnie Lee Savory (complete interview)

A couple weeks ago (09/03/08), Mike took the OTL roving microphone out to the near west side of Chicago to talk with Johnnie Lee Savory. (Mike Stephen with Johnnie Lee Savory) Johnnie was wrongfully convicted of murder at age 14, and served 30 years in prison. John Maki at the Windy Citizen has been following Johnnie’s story at his “Justice for Savory” blog. We aired an edited version of Johnnie’s interview in OTL: Episode #102, and feel it is important to present his segment in its entirety…