OTL: Episode #92

(podcasting “from” the middle of the Bloomingdale Trail) (broadcasting on the 100-watt cougarfest radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann celebrate Pride Weekend with an OTL flashback, they discuss the latest wave of local urban wildlife, they talk with a man who traded his car for a bike, and then they learn about the Chicago Justice Project. OTL Flashback; revisiting the ROTC segment from OTL: Episode #39 for Pride Weekend Joel Brown – Professor of Biological Sciences, UIC; on recent wildlife sightings and trends in the city Joe Marinaro – recently vehicle free citizen; on why he traded his Jeep for a bike at the Tour de Fat Tracy Siska – president, Chicago Justice Project; on increasing public access to justice related information (segue music this week from Brad Peterson)

OTL: Episode #91

(podcasting “from” right outside of the Hancock Fabrics on Broadway) (broadcasting on the 100-watt artsy-fartsy radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen tells Andy Hermann about a bicycle revival, they highlight another local podcast, they discuss the magnificence of cheesy FM radio, and then they talk about parking and driving issues in Chicago. OTL Housekeeping; Mike loves Tevas and feet, Tour de Fat audio our as-of-yet unnamed feature that highlights a local podcast; with Bad at Sports hosts/producers Richard Holland & Duncan MacKenzie Mike’s trip to cheesy FM radio land; featuring a phone message about Chad West on “The Brew” in Milwaukee The Parking Ticket Geek – mastermind, TheExpiredMeter; checking in about parking and driving issues in the city, and Mike gives up fighting about his towed car fine (segue music this week from Mean Ohio)

OTL: Episode #90

(podcasting “from” right out in front of Rock Bottom Brewery, in the construction site, with our hardhats on) (broadcasting on the 100-watt full-of-clout radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann talk about the Olympics and Block 37 in Chicago, they learn about the connection between drinking and writing, and then they discuss the political fallout after the Tony Rezko verdict. Ben Joravsky – staff writer, Chicago Reader; on his Clout City blog entries on Block 37 and the 2016 Olympics Steve Mosqueda – co-host, Drinking & Writing Brewery; on the 4th Annual Drinking and Writing Festival: Write Until You Puke Jay Stewart – executive director, Better Government Association; on Governor Rod Blagojevich in the wake of the Tony Rezko verdict (segue music this week from The Steepwater Band)

OTL: Episode #89

(podcasting “from” right out in front of Yellow Taxi Co on Elston and Augusta) (broadcasting on the 100-watt back-of-the-taxicab radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann receive feedback and read personal ads, they discuss the murder rate in Chicago, they hear about an online stolen bike registry, and then they learn about taxicab culture. OTL reads feedback and missed connections; Pat is upset about the Theresa Amato interview in OTL #88, checking in on Subway Crush – Chicago Erin Halasz – reporter, Medill News Service; on the murder rate in and around Chicago Howard Kaplan – creator, Chicago Stolen Bike Registry; on protecting bikes from thieves, and reporting stolen bikes Natasha Julius – weekend desk editor, Beachwood Reporter; on cabbie culture as documented in the Taxicab Journals (segue music this week from the Joanna Connor Band)