OTL: Best of Chicago

So in the tradition of newspapers and magazines across the country, the Chicago Reader is putting together its first-ever “Best of Chicago” issue. We were browsing through many cool categories such as Arts & Architecture, Bars & Clubs, Restaurants, Music, Movies, etc… and happened upon the Media link… Hey — there’s a space to type in a nomination for the best Chicago podcast. That got us thinking. The OTL Radio broadcasts you’ve come to love started out as a podcast, and we continue to podcast our show every week. We’re not saying… we’re just saying… ya know! + If you’re so inclined, head on over to the Reader‘s site and vote by May 19th! In fact, we’re going to head over there right now and put in a good word for ourselves. And we’ll probably do the same tomorrow and the day after. Vote early and often, and don’t forget to finalize your vote — click on the “final step” link when you’re finished!! Love, Andy & Mike Outside the Loop RADIO (the hardest working podcast in Chicago)

OTL: Episode #84

(podcasting “from” in the Chess Pavilion near North Avenue Beach) (broadcasting on the 100-watt checkmate radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago) Mike Stephen updates Andy Hermann about his letter to Ald. Vi Daley, they discuss the latest in local politics, they learn about a chess team in Chicago, and then they get the scoop on a comedy troupe’s anniversary and television pilot. Mike still seeks justice; The Parking Ticket Geek (TheExpiredMeter) offers advice for Mike’s towed-car woes, still no word back yet from 43rd Ward Ald. Vi Daley’s office Mick Dumke – political writer, Chicago Reader; on his recent “Clout City” blog posts about city settlements and blue cart recycling Sevan Muradian – co-manager, Chicago Blaze; on joining the US Chess League, and the Illinois Chess Association Justin Kaufmann – member, Schadenfreude; on the comedy ensemble’s 10th anniversary and their IL-Informed pilot on WTTW (segue music this week from Even in Blackouts)