(podcasting “from” in the middle of Graceland Cemetery)

(broadcasting on the 100-watt lean, mean, and green radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago)

Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann discuss reactions to last week’s show, they learn about clean vehicle technologies, they discover that a past OTL guest has hit the big-time, and then they visit with the premier mask maker in Chicago.

Reactions to OTL #81;
listeners hate the abandoned Pizza Hut, and the Chicago condo boom

John Walton – vice chair, Chicago Area Clean Cities;
on clean fuels and clean vehicle technologies,
and the 2008 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Exposition on this Earth Day

OTL #58 Flashback;
Unmarketable… by Anne Elizabeth Moore… as read by Pam Anderson

Jeff Semmerling – Mad Master Mask Maker, Inside Out Art Studio;
on the preservation of art and culture

(bonus video featuring the mask man)

(segue music this week from The Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band)