(podcasting “from” in the really pretty garden, right next door to the Art Institute)

(broadcasting on the 100-watt fightin’-the-man radio station WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago)

Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann get updated on the Children’s Museum and Grant Park, they learn about a proposed 49-story building for downtown Evanston, and then they hear all the latest info on the Chicago Independent Radio Project.

OTL is Still Workin’ Hard;
Andy’s flu returns,
Mike’s still worn out from Opening Day

Peggy Figiel – member, Save Grant Park;
on the Children’s Museum trying to move into public land

Bill Smith – publisher/editor, Evanston Now;
on the proposed Fountain Square Tower in downtown Evanston

Jenny Lizak – Vice President, Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP);
on the status of building a low-power FM radio station in Chicago

(segue music this week from Elephant Gun)