(podcasting “from” Mike’s girlfriend’s bedroom)

(broadcasting on the 100-watt museum of radio love WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago)

Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann present a Valentine’s themed show with a chat on human sexuality (oh my!), with a phone call to sex columnist Dan Savage (a hot man!), and then with a look into Chicago history through postcards (so sexy!).

Valentine’s Day housekeeping;
Mike publicly “denies” his love for NKOTB,
Andy gives Mike a thoughtful holiday gift

Searah Deysach – owner, Early to Bed;
on human sexuality, and why we could all use some help

calling the Savage Love Podcast (again);
tracking down Dan Savage for our as-yet-unnamed OTL podcast feature

Neil Jan Gale – director, The Chicago Postcard Museum;
on tracing our history through postcards and notes

(segue music this week from Pegboy)