OTL: Vocalo report (redux)

Outside the Loop RADIO just came off another triumphant appearance on WBEW 89.5-FM (aka Vocalo.org) yesterday. Host Dan Weissmann was pulling a marathon shift on New Year’s Eve, and asked us to stop by to play some of our stuff as well as some clips we picked from their site. (Check out the sweet alfalfa hat hair!) The audio* is below, but please bear with us as we once again tried out the OTL digital camera’s video capabilities again… (testing our video recorder) (looking confused) (Mike talking about one of our segments) Thanks again to Dan and Vocalo.org — we really appreciate all your support! Here’s to 2008 !!! Love, Mike & Andy * No one got my joke during the Steve Rhodes / Beachwood Reporter talk. Maybe it was my delivery.