Can’t get enough Outside the Loop RADIO? Oh… you can, eh? Well, we can’t! We’ll accept about any invitation we get to appear on other media outlets (our contact info is at the bottom of this page), and so far we’ve been lucky enough to garner interest from a quality operation called right here in Chicago!

We hung out with host Dan WeissmannDan on Vocalo back in November, and he’s invited us back to play more clips from our show as well as user-generated Vocalo.orgaudio from their site and airwaves. We’ve both had a chance to listen to 89.5-FM while speeding through parts of Indiana and Michigan — it’s always a mindwarp to hear your own voice on the radio!

SOutside the Loop RADIOo please check us out at 3p CT on Monday 12/31 for some live in-studio hijinks. Dan’s show will be rebroadcast at various times in the near future, so you might just hear us when you least suspect it!

Meanwhile, you can check out select Outside the Loop RADIO segments available at Thanks for all your support, and Happy New Year!!