(podcasting “from” in an alley in Andersonville)

broadcasting on the 100-watt file-sharing program WLUW 88.7-FM Chicago)

Mike Stephen and Andy Hermann kick around corporate sponsor ideas for Chicago, they talk about file sharing on college campuses, they hear about a statewide parking sting, and then they learn about retrofitting the city’s alleys.

Chicago Might Sell Naming Rights“;
reading and soliciting feedback from our listeners

Emily Glazer – Assistant Campus Editor and Administration Beat Reporter, The Daily Northwestern;
on the “College Opportunity and Affordability Act“, and penalizing entire campuses for illegal file sharing

Bill BogdanDisability Liaison, Illinois Secretary of State’s Office;
on a statewide parking sting over the holidays and year-round

Brian Steele – spokesperson, Chicago Department of Transportation;
on the city’s ambitious Green Alley Initiative

(segue music this week from Moist Guitars)